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Videosurveillance F.A.Q.

Which APPs are compatible with video systems?

Video recorders and cameras e‑Connect Other compatible apps
SMB line Full compatibility VSS Mobile
SMART line - FAHD series BUDVRs See notes 1 and 2 FSeye
SMART line - BUNV series Vedi note 1 e 2 FSeye
SMART line - NVS300P8 series See note 1 FSeye
PRO line - PRODVR* series Full compatibility  
PRO line - PRONVR* series Full compatibility  
PREMIUM line - VM500 series See note 3 DroidGuard, NetGuard

1When combined with AHD or FAHD cameras and/or Smart line e-Vision IP cameras whose firmware supports non-ActiveX web mode.

2Playback available only with firmware 4.0 or above.

3When combined with PREMIUM line e-Vision cameras, update to firmware 1196K or above.

*Special compatibility of e‑Connect for PRO line DVRs/NVRs

e‑Connect supports the following cameras connected via PRO line DVRs/NVRs:

  • AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS cameras via AHD DVR
  • IP cameras PRO line
  • IP cameras via ONVIF protocol

e‑Connect supports the following cameras connected via PRO line DVRs/NVRs FW1.2.6 and above:

  • IP cameras connected with RTSP protocol

InstaVision video verification service is available only for:

  • analogue cameras connected to PRO line NVRs/DVRs FW1.2.6 and above
  • PRO line IP cameras connected to PRO line NVRs/DVRs FW1.2.6 and above

Are balun devices compatible with AHD systems?

EL.MO. balun devices are compatible with AHD systems up to 5 Mpx.

Maximum range may vary according to video streams resolution:

Model Range at 960h Range at 720p Range at 1080p Range at 3 and 4 Mpx Range at 5 Mpx
VBP03AHD 350 m 350 m 200 m 200 m 100 m


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