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AIUNIT and D-PULSE technology

EL.MO.'s new breakthrough innovation!

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EL.MO. presents the new video server with high analytical skills, AIUNIT! Thanks to AIUNIT it is now possible to enable AI-based functions on IP cameras, DVRs and NVRs that do not natively feature them.

AIUNIT offers by default analytics already present on board, such as human/vehicle distinction (in long distance, normal, high movement mode) and detection of target person, but other optional advanced analytics can be enabled. The configuration is very simple and can be managed via web or from any browser.

Why employ AIUNIT?

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AIUNI grants to directly interface with PROXIMA control units, creating a completely new integration between e-Vision AI and the intrusion detection control unit, with several advantages in terms of comfort and diversity of manageable applications. This is possible thanks to the new D-PULSE technology.

D-PULSE technology: what does it allow to do?


Through a simple network connection between PROXIMA and AIUNIT it is possible to exploit all the potential of the new D-PULSE function: cameras can now work as an intrusion detection sensor since the alarms generated by the AI analysis of the video streams directly signal the event to the control panel.

This results in numerous benefits, such as a higher reliability of signalings and the comfort generating from the automatic warnigns of Artificial Intelligence-based analysis.

What events related to the cameras in question can generate an alarm in the control panel?
  • The set AI event occurs.
  • The camera is damaged/fails due to a tampering event.
  • There is a lack of supervision for the life status of the video system.

The communication between the AI e-Vision cameras and the PROXIMA control unit takes place through the network: the great advantage is that therefore no further wiring is necessary. Furthermore, thanks to the fact that the camera appears as an input to the control panel, it is possible to take advantage of the InstaVision video verification function while maintaining the connection with the recording devices.

Areas of application

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