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Welcome Google Home and Alexa

Security open to the future

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EL.MO. control units of Villeggio, PREGIO, and HERCOLA lines can now communicate with Google and Amazon artificial inteligence voice assistants, expanding the horizons of security a step at a time... or a word! 
Through e-Connect platform, the voice commands addressed to Google Home and Alexa, through mobile and smart speaker, allow to instantly operate on the intrusion alarm system, to offer users an even more immediate management experience! For example:

  • Enable the system or the individual sectors (Google Home only)
  • Enable the different outputs (lighting, irrigation, etc.)
  • Manage the chronothermostat, to set the desired temperature at a certain time

e connect Gloogle HomeAlexa

e-Connect platform therefore takes full advantage of Google Home and Amazon Alexa potentials, in the perspective of a simplified system management. It is also possible to combine a series of activities, which will come into operation in response to a specific command: this set of activities is called "scenario" or "routine".

It will therefore be possible with a single command, for example "I'm leaving", to activate a series of preset activities such as:

  • Turn off the lights
  • Open the gate
  • Insert the intrusion alarm system

The "routines" can be customized on the basis of personal needs and the scenarios that open up are endless, so... space to the imagination!

Whatch the explanatory evideo!

e Connect Google amazon video

Have a look at the configuration guide for Amazon Alexa and Google Home


google home mobile   alexa mobile
Google Home                          Amazon Alexa


But we have not forgotten safety!

Data transmission is protected by encrypted communication protocols and interfacing with Google and Amazon servers happens through temporary security tokens that protect the passage of information.

Why did we do it?

EL.MO. is interested in innovation in all its forms and carefully follows the implications of technology by actively contributing to progress in the field of security; EL.MO. goal is to provide home security that is even easier to manage, integrating the latest generation of artificial intelligence devices.

Download the quick guide for smart home configuration: here!

Soon available: AT42K actuator!


The new bidirectional wireless AT42K actuator will soon be available! Shortly will be released a new NG-TRX® actuator with extraordinary features: 2 km wireless range, 4 relays, up to 32 actuators to set, configurable via BrowserOne software... and much more!


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