FIRERAY100RV is a IR reflection smoke detector with settable range from 50 to 100 meters. Thanks to the new generation optical devices induction, this barrier is especially reccomended for the protection of extended areas: warehouses, shopping centres, churches, museums or industries. 

It’s composed by integrated IR transmitter and receiver and 4 reflection prisms. The main feature of this barrier is the advanced electronic with low power consumption for a resulting system consumption reduction. FIRERAY50RV can be powered from loop with the conseguent cable and system price reduction.

Thanks to the internal dipswitches is possible to adapt the barrier to various installations, changing the thresholds, setting the Auto Reset function and the Auto Balance fuction. It’s certified VDS EN54-12 and CPR 305/2011 EN54-12 (ex CPD 89/106/CEE certification) EN54-12.

  • Detector Linear reflection smoke detector
    Range From 50 to 100 meters
    Prism 4 supplied prisms
    Alarm thresholds Settable via dipswitch (25%, 35%, 50%)
    Connection and power supply from Loop Through optionsl modulrd, 1I1OASBOX (for AS Loop), EV-AIO21 (for Evolution Loop) and 1I1OIEBOX (For IE Loop)
    • Auto Reset (settable via dipswitch)
    • Auto balance of ray deterioration
    Signallings LED
    Operating temperature from -30°C to 55°C
    Protection class IP50
    • Detetcor W130 x H210 x D120 mm
    • Prism W100 x H100 x D95 mm
    Peso 670 g
    Power consumption Stand-by max 4mA; alarm/fail max 15mA.
    Power supply 10,2-30Vdc
    • VDS EN54-12
    • CPR 305/2011 EN54-12 (ex CPD 89/106/CEE certification)
  • Rivelatori lineari di fumo a riflessione FIRERAY50RV e FIRERAY100RV

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    • Datasheet

    Product Description

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    • Product Description
    • RLFIR0101000
      Rivelatore lineare di fumo a riflessione 100mt. EN54-12

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