ATLANTEMULTI2K is the new bidirectional remote control for the NG‑TRX Villeggio control units. In addition to the features of the ATLANTE2K model, ATLANTEMULTI2K can be acquired to several control units at the same time in order to control different intrusion detection systems. It can reporting the receiving of the signal sent to the control unit. It is equipped with 2 keys for total arm and disarm, 2 keys for day and night partition and 2 buttons for outputs control for applications such as automatic gates, exterior lighting etc.
ATLANTEMULTI2K ensures maximum security in the bidirectional communications with the control unit. In fact, the communications, with an advanced cryptography algorithm, occur on three different frequencies. Thanks to the rolling code function, ATLANTEMULTI2K send to the control unit different code for each event that only the receiv able to interpret.
The bi-directionality ensures the receipt and execution of the command through the light signaling and the function against panic allows to activate the control unit immediately by pressing more keys simultaneously, always ensuring the maximum protection for people, even in the most critical moments such as the entry in their own homes.


  • Compatibility NG-TRX control units and GATEWAY2K wireless unit
    Frequency 3 channels. They are settable via browser for digital communication on 868,120 MHz, 868,820 MHz and 869,525 MHz frequency for LPD devices.
    Encoding Rolling code
    Code combinations 235
    Range Nominal up to 400m, max 800m in open field (limited by environmental conditions)
    Suitable for multi-system configuration Yes
    Maximum number of supported control units No limits
    Encryption key Shared
    • ON, OFF, two programmable partializations
    • PANIC event trasmission if the two partition keys are pressed togheter
    • Dedicated buttons for control outputs
    • Two-color front flashing light LED for transmission
    • LED under buttons to report the received signal from the control unit
    • Internal buzzer
    • Adjustable via software
    Antigrabbing Yes. It impedes the code cloning
    • The transmissions use an advanced cryptography algorithm ensuring secure and not decoding communications
    • It is settable via software
    • 3 communication channels. They are settable via browser
    • Antigrabbing
    • Rolling code
    • The new NG-TRX system is able to organize and manage all information received by devices through a LBT technique.
    • The comunication power is adjustable via software
    • Fast code memorisation.
    Low battery state
    • Event transmission and views with LED flashing
    • Minimum threshold of 2.1 V operation
    Operating temperature -5 / +55 °C, 93% U.R.
    Dimensions/weight W 37 x H 80 x D 16 mm, 22 g
    Colour White plastic with serigraphed buttons in opaline rubber
    • 20 mA peak
    • 1,5 µA in reception
    Power supply 3V from button battery mod.CR2032 (included)
    Autonomy On average more than one year
    Standards EN50131 grade 2, environmental class II


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      Brochure del sistema antintrusione via radio NG-TRX

    ng-trx system

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      Brochure of NG-TRX two-way hybrid system (up to 64 inputs)


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      NG-TRX wireless intrusion detection system brochure - German version

    Système NG-TRX

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      NG-TRX wireless intrusion detection system brochure - Spanish version
  • Technical Manual

    • Manuale Tecnico
    • Technical Manual

    CE - DoP

    • CE - DoP
    • CE - DoP
    • OWTEL0101300
      Radiocomando multi-impianto FM NG-TRX a 6 canali bidirezionale

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