Through the partnership with NITTAN world-renowed Japanese company, EL.MO. produces and distributes devices for analogue addressable and conventional systems, certified according to the standards in force. There are also available gas detection systems, for civil and industrial applications.

Intrusion Detection

EL.MO. develops, produces and distributes components, systems and solutions for the wired and wireless protection for civil, industrial and commercial applications. Everything with the simplicity and installation flexibility guaranteed by the know-how and by the forty years experience of Made in Italy.

Controllo accessi

For the gates and the access control protection, EL.MO. offers an innovative products series that base their operation on systems recognition in the most widespread standard, contact less and biometric, creating autonomous and centralized systems.


The wide range of the e-VisionĀ® line includes advanced systems with shooting, recording, control and images transmission, made using the latest communication platforms, thus ensuring professional high-tech solutions.

Active Products