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Data processing purpose
Accordingto article 13, paragraph 4 of the Italian Privacy Law (Italian LegislativeDecree 193/2003) the e-mail data you supplied voluntarily during our previous commercialrelationships or when registering to our website may be used to send youinformation or marketing material, or may be used for direct selling.
Holder ofthe data processing right is EL.MO. S.p.A. via Pontarola 70 -35011 Campodarsego (PD) Italy and your e-mail data will be disclosed to ourMarketing Department employees for the above-mentioned purpose.

Data processing mode and security
Yourpersonal data will be processed with IT and telematic devices using all ITsecurity means recommended by the Law in order to protect and grant the privacyof your personal data and, when possible, reduce the risk of unauthorizedaccesses, or theft and alteration of your personal data.
Since it is impossible to surfthe Internet without being “monitored”, your personal data will always betransmitted to www.elmospa.com website (andother domains of the group) under you full responsibility.
When registering to our website (or our services) you shall not use otherpeople’s e-mail data. We are against any violation of the Privacy that maycause third parties damage; therefore it is illegal to use e-mail datadifferent from one’s own when registering to our website.

Personal data transmission
Thetransmission of your personal data is discretionary since the contents of www.elmospa.com website (and other domains of the group) are not subjectto restrictions, except for activities and services available for registeredusers only.
When registering with us on our reserved area, you expressly accept theprocessing of your personal data.
Under no circumstances your sensitive data will be collected (e.g.health state, religion, etc.)

Personal data amendment / update
If you do not wish your data to beprocessed you can do so by sending an email to the address info@elmospa.com or a faxto the number +39 049 9200306. You can also exercise therights stated by article 7 of Italian Legislative Decree193/2003 (e.g. right of access, data amendment, data update, unsubscribe, etc.)

On www.elmospa.com website owned by EL.MO. S.p.A. (and on other domainsof the group) persistent cookies will not be used, IP addresses will not betraced, and no systems will be used in order to trace users permanently.
The session cookies (that is, the cookies the website uses for theduration of the visit) will be used to optimise the website functionality andto grant the best surfing possible of the website.
During a visit, www.elmospa.com website may link to other sites. Suchsites may contain tracing systems of which the holder of this website has noknowledge.

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