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 Protecting property or people is what we're all about. Our burglar alarm systems are developed with a single mission in mind: to pick up break-in attempts with no margin of error and send out a warning without delay. To do this, we have developed a comprehensive range of products to cover all manner of installation requirements. We have wireless solutions, perfect for protecting homes or small to mid-sized buildings, where the focus is speed of installation given that they do not involve any building work. Or, wired solutions that exploit traditional cable connections or innovative RS485 bus based systems.

 We offer 100% Italian-made, IMQ-ALLARME-certified solutions designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards.

 Find out more about our range of intrusion detection devices, which includes control panels for home or industrial use, and a full complement of sensors for perimeter and interior protection, control devices, sirens, concentrators and smoke screen systems. All of which can be managed via powerful software or versatile and intuitive supervision platforms.




Our wireless systems are based on our patented proprietary NG-TRX® technology. Hardware and software features deliver huge potential in the security field. The one function underpinning all systems is bidirectional communication. Leveraging a protocol protected by an advanced encryption algorithm for secure communications, the control panel and devices exchange communications and feedback over three different frequencies. These smart functions make NG-TRX the ideal solution for all-round protection. In addition, the 2km range means you can create extremely flexible wireless intrusion detection systems with huge potential. Reinforced concrete walls or high-rise situations are no longer an issue.

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 Check out the NG-TRX technology 

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ULTRABUS® is the range of RS485 serial bus addressable devices that introduces a whole new approach to creating intrusion detection systems. The devices (sensors, sirens, smoke screen systems, keypads and repeaters) can be connected directly to the control panel's ULTRABUS RS485 serial line and are fully software controllable and programmable, either locally or remotely. This gives a two-fold result: a considerable reduction in the number of field devices (concentrators and cabling) compared to traditional hardwired devices, and access to advanced settings. In addition, the ULTRABUS devices boast advanced functions (such as live recording of ambient noise for sensors, and volume and warning light control for sirens), which take their technical wizardry to the next level, offering the user high added value.

  Check out the range of ULTRABUS RS485 devices   

 Check out the ULTRABUS technology 


Whether you have an apartment or a large industrial facility, a garden or an indoor space, we have the right solution for you. The control panel range covers the whole gamut of solutions: everything from pure wireless (HERCOLA and VICOMPACT2K) and high-profile hardwired/wireless hybrids (VIDOMO2K), to hardwired panels for mid-sized businesses (PREGIO series) through to systems designed for complex premises like retail chains and industrial facilities (PROXIMA and TITANIA series). When it comes to detection equipment, we have a range of detectors: volumetric with vertical or horizontal curtain coverage, ceiling mounted, and units rated for indoor or outdoor use (IP55). Products are painstakingly designed with attention to every detail and to blend seamlessly with their surroundings, wherever they are installed. Lastly, magnetic contacts for windows and regular or overhead doors, seismic detectors for safes and detectors for roller shutters, keypads and sirens complete a range that's big on versatility.


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All intrusion detection systems are dual purpose: they act as a theft deterrent and promptly pick up break-in attempts. As a supplementary measure, in certain situations - such as shops, jewellers or banks - it is best practice to include devices that stop thieves from going about their business undisturbed inside the premises. The solution in question is NEBULA, a smoke screen system filling the room, in a matter of seconds, with a nebulized chemical compound that, with its high density and resulting light-refracting effect, restricts visibility to as little as a few centimetres. The aim is to effectively stop criminals finding objects, opening safes or strong rooms, so that their only option is to escape immediately.


Check out the range of NEBULA smoke screen systems


Just detecting intruders is not enough to ensure security. So we have come up with an array of tools for remote control. Firstly, there's e-Connect, the centralization, management and supervision service that integrates EL.MO. intrusion detection, fire protection and home management systems and e-Vision® video surveillance systems on a single cloud platform. With the e-Connect app, you can check the status of your systems (home, office, holiday home...), manage them via maps, receive notifications, enable/disable devices, and view a video surveillance system's images.

Not to mention that you can activate the InstaVision® video verification service, allowing you to receive alarm notifications in real time for each of your security systems and check the situation immediately.

 While we also offer the option of more complex management based on the CEI/ABI protocol - possibly involving the central management of intrusion detection, fire protection and CCTV in a control room - with our powerful yet intuitive software: GLOBALPRO.


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