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An EL.MO. intrusion detection system doesn't stop at just protecting a building: its impressive potential extends exponentially to cover areas that come under the category of home automation.

A home - whether a small apartment or a luxury villa - can contain an incredible number of electronic/digital devices that, if handled with a customizable approach to automation, can improve and simplify our lives considerably. Just take motorized blinds, for instance, which can be operated on site, or from a remote location using the e-Connect app, or even by simply issuing voice commands to Google or Amazon virtual assistants. And how about the watering system, which can be controlled with a timer or by forecasts from a weather app.

All of this is now reality with EL.MO. control panels and our range of home automation devices designed with a sole purpose: to combine security and peace of mind in a single building ecosystem.


How many applications can be generated with home automation? They're virtually countless. Spanning lighting, watering, heating, blinds, automatic gates and entertainment devices, the spectrum of possibilities is indeed vast. The market is increasingly offering smart - in other words, networked - devices, with advanced functions, supplied ready to be integrated with third-party systems. Using suitable cabling, the whole setup can be integrated and managed with our intrusion detection systems. At this point, the only limit is your imagination and initiative in creating increasingly advanced and complex management scenarios.

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The e-Connect platform allows you to exploit the potential of Google Home and Alexa assistants to the full for simplified control of the home's systems. EL.MO. intrusion detection control panels can communicate with the voice assistants developed by Google and Amazon to enable fully centralized management of both the security system and automated building services, such as lighting, watering or heating.

There are two possible levels of integration and automation: individual commands, such as "turn on the living room lights" or "lower the blinds" being the most basic activities, while the ultimate complexity can be handled with "scenes" or "routines". In actual fact, seemingly simple commands like "I'm going out" or "I'm going to bed" generate a series of activities that work automatically and simultaneously inside your home, such as switching off all the lights, switching on the intrusion detection system*, lowering the blinds and retracting awnings.

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Want to control all your home's systems via a single platform, or a single app? Nothing could be easier with e-Connect, our web platform for managing and supervising intrusion detection, fire protection, home automation and e-Vision video surveillance systems. This is essentially a combined virtual environment, with a modern, immediate interface featuring various functions, including a home automation section via which you can control all field devices. Everything is straight forward and super user friendly to deliver an optimal user experience.


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Home automation is a very broad concept - one sometimes used incorrectly - that involves many areas of the design and development of a home and building automation system. There are essentially two levels that you can have using our devices:

- Home automation that leverages an intrusion detection control panel with the ability to control relay outputs.

- Home automation based on interfacing with third-party systems using Konnex, Modbus and SCS standards. For the latter, more complex and structured type, we have a range of specific gateways, which are compatible with all latest generation control panels.

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