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Fighting the power of fire with... the power of technology. This is the challenge we have set ourselves with our fire protection line: a range of cutting-edge high-performance prevention and safety products for large- and mid-sized businesses, such as bank premises, and industrial, commercial, residential and institutional facilities.

Find out more about our range of fire protection devices, which are all certified to the strictest CPR regulatory standards. We cater to the needs of any installation with our range of products, offering the best possible solution and maximizing the investment-performance ratio.



Available in different models, custom configured to the requirements of each project, the TACÓRA® control panels exploit a dual operating mode (conventional or conventional/analogue addressable hybrid with FYRA® protocol) to ensure far-reaching monitoring of fire risks. This extreme power is coupled with super easy programming and use: the user-friendly interface, with graphic display and indicator LEDs, makes controlling the system's operation quick and intuitive. With the use of the optional GSM, LTE and LAN modules, TACÓRA control panels can interface with e-Connect - the EL.MO. system supervision and management platform - and enjoy all the advantages that it offers: remote supervision (which includes the use of graphic maps), management and support, and InstaVision® video verification.


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With the HEKLA® series, we have made a real breakthrough in the fire detection sector, presenting the market with a series of high-performance analogue addressable control panels. A key element of the whole system is the ability to create highly complex yet easily deployed structures. Based on a modular architecture designed to grow to meet changing requirements, HEKLA control panels can work either on their own or as part of a network comprising a large number of units. As an added bonus, the system is teamed with products from the new FYRA series, EL.MO.'s line of analogue addressable devices with built-in isolator.

HEKLA comprises a number of devices, all capable of communicating and working in synergy with each other. Each device has a specific task to ensure the HEKLA system delivers perfectly on its ultimate purpose: to protect people and property from the risk of fire. All these devices can be combined in countless ways, providing individual solutions tailored to the installation's requirements. Flexibility and integration: two key cornerstones of the HEKLA design. Because this is not a standalone system, it can communicate with supervision, central alarm or building automation systems, whether EL.MO. or third-party systems (thanks, in part, to the Modbus protocol), all of which is achieved quickly and with very limited deployment costs.


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Sometimes, the unique traits of a specific space can mean standard fire detection based on point detectors is not the ideal solution. For instance, in industrial facilities where processing generates a lot of dust or heat, using special systems is a better option. Hence we offer aspirating and linear heat detection systems, used in conjunction with ASD and ADW control units respectively.

We also have ADW control unit versions specifically designed for ATEX applications in areas with a risk of explosion.


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Detect. Notify. Manage. These are the three cornerstone of fire protection. This is why we have come up with an array of tools for remote control. Firstly, there's e-Connect, the centralization, management and supervision service that integrates EL.MO. TACÓRA-based fire protection, intrusion detection, and home management systems and e-Vision® video surveillance systems on a single cloud platform. With the e-Connect app, you can check the status of your systems (home, office, holiday home...), manage them via maps, receive notifications, enable/disable devices, and view a video surveillance system's images.

Not to mention that you can activate the InstaVision video verification service, allowing you to receive alarm notifications in real time for each of your security systems and check the situation immediately.

While we also offer the option of more complex management based on the CEI/ABI protocol - possibly involving the central management of intrusion detection, fire protection and CCTV in a control room - with our powerful yet intuitive software: GLOBALPRO.


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