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For such a sensitive and delicate aspect as video surveillance, we have a specific brand of top-performance products: e-Vision®. These devices allow for 24hr monitoring and are effective on two fronts: prevention and identification of individuals responsible for criminal acts. But they also go one step further: being AI-powered, these products offer a number of specific features, such as number-plate recognition for car parks, face recognition, movement tracing for marketing decision-making purposes, and recognition of stolen or lost property.

The e-Vision range is based on two pillars: multistandard analogue systems or IP. Both lines include devices in different formats: security cameras (in a bullet, minidome, cube and speed dome style) and control equipment (DVR for the analogue line, NVR for the IP line).



AHD/TVI/CVI multistandard technology stands out for its extreme ease of installation and for maximizing the investment-performance ratio. With the video signal being transmitted over RG59 coaxial cables with a range of up to 300 metres, CCTV systems can be created from scratch or existing systems upgraded effortlessly and at little cost. The options are endless, including the creation of hybrid systems (with AHD/TVI/CVI, analogue and ONVIF IP security cameras) and integration with the latest communication technologies (smartphones and tablets) for viewing images and controlling the system remotely.


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While a classic video surveillance system comes with various limitations (means of transmission and a fixed number of possible extensions as the number of cameras increases), e-Vision® IP systems instead adapt to accommodate changing needs without altering the structure of the network. The IP line is the ideal solution for complex setups requiring high levels of detail (up to 4K) or where there is no limit to size.

The structure is Ethernet based and exploits the latest AI digital communication technologies to essentially analyse video streams. For example, analytic capabilities allow the system to detect when an imaginary line is crossed (distinguishing between vehicles and individuals), perform face recognition or read car number plates to enable a barrier to be opened or kept closed.


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Being able to view images from any location, at any time and via any device (fixed or mobile) is one of the distinguishing traits of e-Vision CCTV systems. DVR or NVR can be viewed and controlled either from a local Client PC (via LAN using the applications provided) or remotely with the aid of a PC and the Internet Explorer browser.

And for app-based viewing, there is the option of using e-Connect, the centralization, management and supervision service that integrates EL.MO. fire protection, intrusion detection and home management systems and e-Vision® video surveillance systems on a single cloud platform. With the e-Connect app, you can check the status of your systems (home, office, holiday home...), view a video surveillance system's images (live and recorded), manage systems via maps, receive notifications, and enable/disable devices.

Not to mention that you can activate the InstaVision video verification service, allowing you to receive alarm notifications in real time for each of your security systems and check the situation immediately.

While we also offer the option of more complex management based on the CEI/ABI protocol - possibly involving the central management of intrusion detection, fire protection and CCTV in a control room - with our powerful yet intuitive software: GLOBALPRO.


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