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When taking an all-encompassing approach to security - which is what we do - no detail should be overlooked. Protecting premises and property from would-be intruders is of paramount importance, though protecting access points to sensitive areas from unauthorized entry is just as important. To limit access to sensitive areas like warehouses, plant rooms or server rooms, you have to have an access control system in place. We have an extensive selection of controllers, proximity card reader systems and biometric fingerprint systems designed for this very purpose, catering to even the strictest security requirements. All of these systems can be managed from a PC with procedures that are simple enough for any operator to handle.



The range includes all the items you need to set up a comprehensive access control system: controllers, readers, accessories and powerful software: PassManager. This is a professional software developed in-house for integrating and managing ICON100AVR and ITDC controllers and relevant proximity readers via TCP/IP networks or serial lines. With the ability to import data stored in other databases already in use (for example, those belonging to STANDARD software), existing systems can be updated, reducing relevant system costs and complexity.

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