Intrusion Detection

EL.MO. develops, produces and distributes components, systems and solutions for the wired and wireless protection for civil, industrial and commercial applications. Everything with the simplicity and installation flexibility guaranteed by the know-how and by the forty years experience of Made in Italy.

Control unit

The wide range of the control unit, wireless and wired, allows to satisfy the different needs, from the civil system to the most complex industry solutions, proposing models from 4 to over 1000 inputs.


The concentrators extend the inputs of the control unit, optimizing and facilitating the installation, both to detectors that to devices in technology context, therefore extraneous to the security world.

Control devices

They have the fundamental role of interface between the user and the control unit, enabling the interoperability of the same, with ease of use and intuitiveness. In the category there are keyboards, key points, inserters.


The EL.MO. modules, designed for outdoor and indoor installations, extend the functionalities of themselves (eg in fire detection, access control, Konnex context) and integrate the communication mode (LAN, GSM, NTP, GPS, etc.).

Wired detectors

The range includes wired detectors with relay interface or detectors on RS485 ULTRABUS.

Wireless detectors

Wireless devices for the detection of intrusion or gas / smoke / temerature / flooding. They are based on traditional or NG-TRX technologies

Perimetral protections

They are active protection devices, such as door and windows contacts, seismic detectors and microphones in order to block any forcing and intrusion attempt.

Power supply unit

The range includes power supply units and power supply box units. There are also available the appropriate housings.

Wired sirens

Sirens are a fundamental element of a system. The range includes indoor or outdoor sirens.

Wireless sirens

The wide range is divided into different models for design, color, sound power, LED indication. They are available in wired and wireless technology.


Designed for indoor and outdoor installations, they are suitable for any environment, the entrances protection such as doors and windows to the external perimeters, both in civil, commercial, industrial applications or other extended contexts.

Nebula security fog system

The nebula security fog system is able, in few seconds, to saturate the environment, leaving to the criminal only the possibility to escape immediately, thereby protecting people and property.


The EL.MO. diallers extend their functionality to the detectors connection, allowing to manage signalings also in external context of the security. To traditional models for telephone line and GSM, there are also innovative proposals as the MMS dialler.

Alarms reception

The e-Control innovative platform offers hardware and software solutions for the alarms reception and systems management, thus allowing the interfacing with surveillance institutions.


The software offer the e-Connect last new, cloud platform for the management, the centralization and the system supervision, programming software, remote assistance and interface for the system’s user.

Remote assistance

The remote assistance line has all the necessary components to ensure a maximum protection most at risk, such as the elderly: from the terminal to the wireless remote control button/neck strap or bracelet.


The wide range of cables offers different models for leads, section and isolation degree.


The proposal includes batteries models for control units, sirens and the wireless section.

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