Home automation

Home automation

An intrusion detection system potential extends to cover areas that come under the category of home automation. A home can contain an incredible number of electronic/digital devices that, if handled with a customizable approach to automation, can improve and simplify our lives considerably. Just take motorized blinds, for instance, which can be operated on site, or from a remote location using the e-Connect app, or even by simply issuing voice commands to Google or Amazon virtual assistants. And how about the watering system, which can be controlled with a timer or by forecasts from a weather app. All of this is now reality with EL.MO. control panels and our range of home automation devices designed with a sole purpose: to combine security and peace of mind in a single building ecosystem.

Smart speaker

EL.MO intrusion detection systems are able to communicate with the voice assistant solutions developed by Google and Amazon in order to grant a totally centralized management of both security and home automation systems (i.e. lighting, watering and heating systems).


The keypads, in addition to the security system, are also able to control home automation elements such as the chronothermostat.

Management system

With the e-connect platform, having a single digital environment with which to manage all the elements of home automation has never been easier.

Control units

Le centrali antintrusione EL.MO. sono in grado di interagire e pilotare elementi di home e building automation.

Multi-protocol gateway

The gateways allow interfacing between the EL.MO. and home and building automation systems based on universal standards.

NG-TRX wireless actuator

Attuatori radio NG-TRX per la gestione di dispositivi di domotica quali tapparelle, luci, basculanti o irrigazione.

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