Fire detection

Fire detection

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Fighting the power of fire with... the power of technology. This is the challenge we have set ourselves with our fire protection line: a range of cutting-edge high-performance prevention and safety products for large- and mid-sized businesses, such as bank premises, and industrial, commercial, residential and institutional facilities. Find out more about our range of fire protection devices, which are all certified to the strictest CPR regulatory standards.

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Control panels

The wide range of the control units allows to realize commercial, industrial and service sectors systems, proposing conventional models from 2 to 4 zones expandable to 12 and multi-loops analogue addressable models, always certified according to the standards in force.

Power supply units

The range includes power supply units and power supply box units. There are available also related housings.

Fire detection detectors

Designed for conventional and analogue addressable solutions, they are classified as smoke, temperature and flame detectors. They are certified according to the CPR 305/2011 standard.

Gas control units

The gas detection control units manage conventional and analogue addressable sensors. Based on the models can be adapted to installations of different entities.

Optical and acoustic fire alarm devices

The range is divided between optical acoustic plaques with customizable written, sirens and other indoor or outdoor acoustic devices.

Magnetic retainers

The magnetic retainers for fire doors have different strength of traction. The range also includes accessories such as extending columns for wall and floor fixing. They are certified according to the CPR 305/2011 standard.

Fire detection modules

Are divided into internal control units models, to expand the functionality or the communication, and modules to be used to incorporate the signals from external devices and to interact with them and the control unit; the range includes models certified according to the CPR 305/2011 Standard.

Manual call points

Allow to immediately activate the alarm status; they are available with indoor and outdoor version, with conventional and analogue addressable solution. They are certified according to the CPR 305/2011 standard.

Gas detectors

The wide range includes models with different gas types (flammable, toxic, explosive, etc.) and use (civil and industrial). There are conventional and analogue solutions.

Linear optical detectors

The smoke barriers are available in different models depending on range and detection mode, with barrier or reflection. They are certified CPR 305/2011 standard.

Special detectors

Thanks to their special detection technology, there are in this category all smoke, temperature and flame detectors for applications such as cold rooms, warehouses to large stacking, road tunnels and other dusty environments.


They are designed to manage the facilities in autonomy: from the programming phase at the interface with the user of the same system.


The proposal includes batteries models for control units and power supply units.

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