Access control

Access control

Composizione Controllo accessi
Protecting premises and property from would-be intruders is of paramount importance, though protecting access points to sensitive areas from unauthorized entry is just as important. To limit access to sensitive areas like warehouses, plant rooms or server rooms, you have to have an access control system in place. We have an extensive selection of controllers and proximity card reader. All of these systems can be managed from a PC with procedures that are simple enough for any operator to handle.


Batteries for power supply units.


Batteries for power supply units.


Management unit available in several models based on the readers number and manageable gates.

Power supply box units

Enclose in a unque box solution, power supply unit and eventual internal control board.


The readers models differ themselves for detection mode (proximity, biometric and through password digit) and for connection (stand-alone, stand-alone network, for controller).

General services

Cards personalization service.


The programming software and the daily use of access control systems independently with related accessories.


The cards are available in different versions (card, tag and adhesive tag) and in different frequencies.

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