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For such a sensitive and delicate aspect as video surveillance, we have a specific brand of top-performance products: e-Vision®. The e-Vision range is based on two pillars: multistandard analogue systems or IP. Both lines include devices in different formats: security cameras (in a bullet, minidome, cube and speed dome style) and control equipment (DVR for the analogue line, NVR for the IP line).

Analogic and AHD

The multistandard line by e-Vision is the ideal solution to create high definition CCTV systems on RG59 coaxial cables, without the need for a new and complex IP data structure. All this in an easy and immediate way (even using an existing analogue structure) and with considerably higher ranges than conventional analogue systems.


The e-Vision IP products are the ideal solution for complex situations, where high levels of detail are needed or where dimensional limits can not be afforded. The product range is focused on providing the best investment/performance ratio and on highly evolved functions.


The software solutions ranging from professional CMS applications to apps for smartphone dedicated to the end user, to the monitoring and surveillance software with integrate video analytics functions.

Active Products