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  • AT22K, EL.MO.'s new two relay outputs actuator!

AT22K, EL.MO.'s new two relay outputs actuator!

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The new AT22K actuator allows to control, through wireless communication, electrical or electronic devices such as lights, window shutters, irrigation system and many other devices directly from EL.MO. intrusion detection systems!

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Thanks to the new AT22K actuator, it is possible to fully exploit the potential of EL.MO. control panels with NG-TRX technology, thus performing actions and automatisms at different levels of complexity.


The advantages: high-end technology and the new AT22K actuator

The strength of the AT22K is its versatility, as the the control unit outputs can be directly activated from the keypad, from the time programmer, from the e-Connect app or from voice commands addressed to Google and Amazon virtual assistants.


Further advantages are linked to NG-TRX technology and consist in the two-way direction of transmissions, which are subjected to encryption to ensure the maximum security. The wireless range extends up to a maximum of 2 km and the system can count on a triple operating frequency, with a high resistance to jamming, as well as device configuration that can be also carried out remotely.


Which are the AT22K benefits? Exploit the services of

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 Thanks to the integration with home automation systems, it's possible to enable and disable outputs through voice commands via Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice assistants, exploit routines to create real home automation scenarios and take advantage of the services guaranteed by IFTTT for output management!


AT22K can count on reduced dimensions that facilitate and disguise its placement, and it is equipped with a terminal for 230Vac power supply, two 5A relay outputs, two output control inputs, a learning button and a blue LED status indicator.


Do you want to know more about EL.MO.'s line of actuators?

Check out the explanatory video!

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Download the brochure below.


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