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  • COLOUR24 cameras: perfect vision in any light condition

COLOUR24 cameras: perfect vision in any light condition

Sharp and vivid colours from the new cameras of the e-Vision line
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Being able to recognize the colour of a car or a person's clothing in the dark of the night? From today it is possible thanks to the new COLOUR24 cameras of e-Vision line!

Colour24 cameras

The purpose of this new line of e-Vision cameras is to ensure perfect vision even in extreme light conditions, while maintaining sharp and vivid colours. All of this is made possible by high-performance sensors, advanced chipsets and white light illuminators: the combination of these features guarantees high quality and color shooting at any time of the day, even at night.

The fixed optics lenses featured on these cameras benefit from a sensor that is hit by a greater amount of light: this grants flawless color vision.

These features are extremely useful in the field of video surveillance, a field in which being able to recognize chromatic details can be crucial for tracing a car or a specific individual. See the COLOUR24 camera range

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Furthermore, thanks to the InstaVision video verification function on e-Connect, it is possible to combine the video surveillance system with intrusion detection: as soon as the intrusion detection system signals an alarm, the e-Connect platform immediately sends a notification to the end user's smartphone, displaying the scene shot by the cameras and allowing them to promptly act.


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