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  • D-PULSE technology: the pulse for security

D-PULSE technology: the pulse for security

Artificial Intelligence extended to intrusion detection systems

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D-PULSE is the new interfacing technology between e-Vision video surveillance systems based on Artificial Intelligence and EL.MO. compatible intrusion detection control units.

With D‑Pulse‑based systems, the risk of false alarms is virtually eliminated. Artificial Intelligence algorithms can analyse the scene extremely accurately and recognise and distinguish elements within it. Previously set automation scenarios are activated based on what is happening and what is being analysed.

The alarm events generated by the analysis of the video streams (intrusion detection, line crossing, abandoned object) trigger an alarm in the control unit in the same way as a physical input. What does this innovation entail? A camera can now play the role of a sensor, with all the benefits that come from the increase in reliability and versatility deriving from an analysis based on Artificial Intelligence.


An intrusion detection system like never before 

wind1    crowd1    crawl1
Immune to atmospheric agents and foliage             Unaffected by crowding             Human shape recognition, non-dimensional

animal care1

  vehicle1   car light1
Animal type recognition   Vehicle type recognition   Resistant to disturbance and vehicle headlights


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 Visit D-PULSE dedicated website to learn more about this innovative technology and its potential applied to different installation environments.



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