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e-Connect maintenance communication

Maintenance operations: the first Wednesday of the month at 1.30pm

Manutenzione e Connect

e-Connect maintenance communication

With this message, we would like to inform you how the maintenance of the e-Connect platform works.

Have you ever wondered why e-Connect carries out ordinary maintenance every month?

The monthly update is useful for enhancing the tool to make the platform increasingly performing and secure. The monthly actions that are carried out are therefore:

  • constant improvement of platform performance
  • increase in security
  • addition of new functions and features
  • addition of new compatible devices

Why is maintenance performed during the day?

It is essential for us to operate with the utmost skill to minimize any disruptions, and performing maintenance during the day allows us to be in direct contact with Microsoft technical support to ensure that everything takes place in perfect security for you professionals and for your customers.

How long does the possible disruption last?

EL.MO. has powerful servers that allow this maintenance to be carried out in a short time, to limit any possible interruption of the service. The synergistic work of the servers allows maintenance operations to be carried out without these interfering with the operation of the control panels connected at that specific moment - the service may be momentarily unavailable only for control panels connected later.

Moreover, to meet the needs of all of you professionals in the field, a new ordinary maintenance day has been defined, as a day in the middle of the week, in order not to limit you in the management of any urgent interventions on Monday (day dedicated to maintenance to date).

All maintenance operations after 8th March will take place on the first Wednesday of the month at 1.30 PM (CEST).


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