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  • EPM View App, display e-Vision PRO CCTV systems for free!

EPM View App, display e-Vision PRO CCTV systems for free!

Monitor 24/7 your systems from smartphones/tablets!

EPM View


Composizione tabletsmartphone lite     EPM View, the free application for viewing images from e-Vision PRO CCTV systems from smartphones and tablets, both IP and multistandard formats is now available! Based on a simple and extremely intuitive interface, it's the ideal solution to monitor 24/7 video surveillance systems in complete autonomy. 


What features does it offer?

  • Live and playback display of images
  • Recording and sharing of video clips
  • Talk/listen function for cameras equipped with speaker/microphone
  • Alarms management and push notifications
  • Employ the P2P services of EL.MO.


Ease of configuration and P2P

Setting up the EPM View app and its association with NVR/DVR recording devices is really simple, also thanks to the P2P connection on EL.MO.'s proprietary server. Simply frame a QR Code and the complete configuration will be immediately learned. The same procedure is facilitated for other smartphones.

The EL.MO. proprietary system offers the highest level of security and guarantees privacy protection through encrypted data exchange protocols.

The app is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.


Composizione PROXIMA lite    

Firmware update and PROXIMA central plug-in

The firmware version V1.1.1 of the PROXIMA control panels PRX128 - PRX256 - PRX1024 and the related BrowserOne V1.5.12 modules are released. Thanks to these new updates it will be possible to select the technology for accessing the mobile network (2G, 3G and 4G).


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