Video verification without compromise

InstaVision is EL.MO. Spa answer to the ever growing market demand for more integration between intrusion detection, fire detection and video surveillance. e-Connect multi-level cloud platform is thus enhanced with new functions that will allow users both to receive real time alarm notifications via app and to check event status a few seconds before its occurrence with live and playback video display.

InstaVision, video verification without compromise

InstaVision ensures more security, control and response promptness, and allows to access directly from event push notification to real time videos or images immediately preceding the alarm event (or tamper, fault, etc.), with the maximum usability and immediacy without compromise required by snapshots reception.

push insta 2v

The push notification allows to choose between three different camera displayREAL TIME (live video), FAST PLAYBACK (60 seconds before the event) and EVENT (video display at the exact moment of the triggering of the alarm), promptly showing the occurance of the event.

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To learn more about InstaVision, have a look at its explanatory video on YouTube.


Added value service for customer loyalty

For installers and distributors who choose EL.MO., InstaVision becomes an excellent chance for business in terms of more customization and enhancement of added-value services provided to users over e-Connect platform, granting a more tailor-made, complete and performing service

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InstaVision is an extremely valid tool of customer loyalty, extending EL.MO. proposal not only to intrusion detection but also to e-Vision® PRO TVCC and TACÒRA fire detection Lines, according to a prospect of ever growing integration between lines, usability and rapidity.


High efficiency connectivity and self-adaptating streaming quality

Neither connectivity will require compromise: images will be recorded directly to video recorders and not to cloud without affecting either cloud space or connectivity. This feature highlights another aspect: the end-user becomes the only owner and holder of videos recorded that can be used anytime.

streaming self adaptation wr en

Video streaming quality will adapt automatically to the currently used connection type: 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, always ensuring service continuity with the best performance possible.


Wide range of compatible devices

EL.MO. provides a complete video surveillance line, e-Vision® PRO, that can be integrated onto e-Connect platform and thus compatible with InstaVision technology. It offers a wide range of DVRs, NVRs, bullet, dome, speed dome, IP and AHD cameras, featuring up to 4K resolution.


wide range insta.png

The wide range of  e-Vision® PRO line grants the maximum flexibility in choosing the best products for the perfectly tailored video surveillance system.



Simple and fast configuration

P2P function offers the possibility to register video recorders to e-Connect service simply with QR codes, thus ensuring a quick procedure and no need for complicated routers setup. All apps associated to the same e-Connect account will be granted automatically the availability of the system complete configuration, with no other procedures required. Moreover, access profiles will be differentiated in order to protect end users images privacy. 

 scan econnect wr en.png

Simplicity and rapidity are the key words for the new EL.MO. configuration procedure: everything will automatically set up by just scanning a QR code, without wasting time and resources.  


Property P2P server

An essential aspect is that EL.MO. has the full propriety of P2P server, that is, the full control of such function, not only in terms of security, but also of service continuity, in order to ensure a high-profile security to its end-users, without compromise.

elmo server.png
Property P2P server 

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