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Rapid deployment portable solutions for temperature reading

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e-Vision line is releasing a new solution, specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies, that in order to safely re-open their businesses, need to measure the body temperature of employees and customers who access their spaces.

This rapid deployment solutions consist of extremely user-friendly devices, and represent the ideal entry-level solution as they are highly performing, accessible and cost-effective.

What are these rapid portable solutions?

TFLT01 is a contactless infrared frontal thermometer designed to measure the body temperature of a person independently from the ambient temperature.

Termometro cecoslovacco

Measuring the body temperature has assumed an essential role in counteracting the Covid-19 epidemic worldwide. Having an easily usable and quickly deployable solution is the first step in containing the contagion.
In this sense, TFLT01 is the ideal instrument: thanks to its reading range from 5 to 10 cm, to its handy backlit display and to its high reading speed, it allows to quickly and efficaciously execute body temperature monitoring operations.



TPLT01 is a professional portable thermal camera for body temperature reading.


TPLT01 is an effective aid that can detect faces, read temperatures and immediately signal feverish subjects. It is a stand-alone, easily deployable camera that can provide several kind of images: thermal, optic or a superimposition of both. It is supplied with a software that allows to monitor the images from a PC rather than on the integrated 2.8” TFT display. It can be hand-carried or placed on a tripod. Rechargeable batteries allow for a long operation time.



Download the brochure for each device below:



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