Analogic and AHD

The multistandard line by e-Vision is the ideal solution to create high definition CCTV systems on RG59 coaxial cables, without the need for a new and complex IP data structure. All this in an easy and immediate way (even using an existing analogue structure) and with considerably higher ranges than conventional analogue systems.

Bullet shooting systems

Compact cameras, with built-in IR illuminator, are suitable for indoor and outdoor environment and differentiate themselves by integrated lens for resolution and functionality.

Dome shooting systems

They allow coverage for indoor and outdoor environment (with anti-proof housings) thanks to the adjustable lens to choice the best framing. The range includes models with 960 standard and with different functions.

Shooting systems accessories

Keyboards for shooting systems, power supplies units, transformers, microphones and other accessories.

Analogic videorecorder

The wide range of analogic management systems proposes different models for inputs number, functionality and recording performance and applications (with models for mobile vehicles or with anti-terrorism functions).

Analogic/IP videorecorder

Hybrid solutions are differentiated by the number of inputs, functionality and performance record.

Accessories for video recorders

Hard-Disk, remote controls, brackets for rack-mounting, storage expansion unit and other accessories.

Converters and signal processing

Devices for the management of analog video signals, to extend coverage and to optimize the distribution.

Cases and brackets for shooting systems

Housings, brackets and other accessories for cameras installation on wall, ceiling, corner and pole.

Active Products