Fire detection software

They are designed to manage the systems in autonomy: from the programming phase to the user interface.


Graphic software application for direct configuration, remote assistance and supervision of a control panel network, supplied with GRMAP enabling key. PC management over network. FX/ CNV converter required. Management of max.15 FX control units in RS485. Management of 1 FX control unit in LAN net.



GPROFIRE is the supervision software that allows to monitor 24 hrs (both local and remote) the EL.MO. fire detection systems (connected via LAN) based on Tacóra sereies (only to monitor the status of the connected devices) and FX series control units (FX/10, FX/20, FX/50, FXPRO and FXUP). GPROFIRE allows the management up to 512 alarm points, 1 site and 1 client.


Configuration software for FX/10 control units with FW 2.05.4 or lower and for FX/20 and FX/50 control units with FW 4.05.4 or lower.


Configuration software for FX/10, FX/20, FX/50, FXPRO and FXUP control units

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