Control unit

The wide range of the control unit, wireless and wired, allows to satisfy the different needs, from the civil system to the most complex industry solutions, proposing models from 4 to over 1000 inputs.

NG-TRX Villeggio line

NG-TRX is the innovative EL.MO. high performance technology for new generation of wireless Villeggio intrusion detection control units. The new hardware and software features (as the bidirectional communication) ensure very high performances in the security field.


HERCOLA is a compact wireless intrusion detection control unit with excellent performance/investment match. With its 32 wireless inputs and included GSM module, HERCOLA offers high technology for your home, store, office or any building where you can not install a wired intrusion detection system.


EL.MO. presents the new intrusion detection wired/wireless control unit PREGIO2000, developed upon an innovative architecture, opened to the scenarios and future technologies and with power and battery consumption equal to 20% of old generation control units.


It represents the basic solution ideal for civil and small commercial applications. It is available in 48 wireless inputs version.


The management up to 1024 wireless/wired inputs makes TITANIA the best solution for large industrial applications, including for example the Italian Post. His innovative design also allows the control unit customization with additional functionality on demand.


With the PROXIMA series, EL.MO. is rewriting the rulebook for professional intrusion detection control units designed for complex systems. PROXIMA-series control units come in three versions that differ in terms of the number of inputs/outputs each can handle: 128, 256 or 1024. Hence they adapt easily to suit the size and complexity of whatever environment they are placed in.

ETR line

With ETR G2 is possible interoperate with different environment types such as bank, post, industry, domestic and commercial. ETR line offers models certified in accordance with the EN50131 Standard, from 48 to 512 wireless/wired inputs that interface with EL.MO. intrusion detection, fire detection and access control systems.

NET line

Thanks to its modular structure in the communications context, NET is suitable for civil and commercial environments but also for mid-sized companies. It is available from 32 to 104 wireless/wired inputs with models certificate according to EN50131 Standard.


QUADRO combines aesthetics and functionality in a modular plastic housing installable both in view or recessed. It is modularly expandable thanks to the wide range of compatible accessories.

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