The EL.MO. modules, designed for outdoor and indoor installations, extend the functionalities of themselves (eg in fire detection, access control, Konnex context) and integrate the communication mode (LAN, GSM, NTP, GPS, etc.).


Integrable into the control unit, allow the connectivity on GSM network from and to the control unit, in addition to the remote assistance, remote interrogation, remote control and GPRS connectivity functions.


Interfaces that allow to extend the IP connectivity to the EL.MO. control unit towards communication platforms, such as e-Connect and software applications.


Allow to extend to the control unit the voice messages and voice transmission, on the telephone line.


Interfaces that allow to extend the IP connectivity via wireless connection to the EL.MO. control unit towards communication platforms, such as e-Connect.

Fire detection

Extend fire detection functionalities to the intrusion detection control units, creating mini loop and transmitting to the same the connected fire detectors signals.


Allows to the VILLEGGIO control unit installed in a camper, boat or other mobile vehicle, to determine its location, using the worldwide network of the GPS satellites service.


Allow the complete interaction between the EL.MO. control unit and the BUS Konnex in civil and industrial applications.


Generate locally a virtual phone line to connect to the control unit an ordinary telephone for voice communications.


Power supply modules integrable within the control unit of the Villeggio line.


TX and RX interfaces used to optimize and to extend the wireless coverage in transmission and receiving for control units.


Modules to increase the wireless range of the remote controls, detectors, sirens and keyboard.


Serial interfaces for the control units expansion and for the integration of new control units based on EL.MO. old generation serial buses.


Remote wireless temperature detector for Villeggio control unit .


Modules to check the coverage of the control unit in the installation phase.


Interfaces to integrate the access control on sensitive gates inside the intrusion detection control unit.


Interfaces that transmit the signals from the intrusion detection control unit to the Speed Dome, translating them into commands and thereby activating predefined operations.

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