GRIFOXRF is an outdoor double techology wireless detector with multifocal lens. It offers an attractive design and high performance features. The compact design and the waterproof housing with IP55 protection grade make these new sensors an ideal solution for the outdoor environments protection (residential and industrial).
The MW section ensures an 80° coverage on horizontal plane and 32° on vertical plane. The IR section offers 81° opening and 18 sensitive areas arranged on 4 floors. It is the ideal solution to cover open outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces and parking.
Thanks to an intelligent and advanced management of the IR and MW technologies, GRIFOXRF is able to optimize the battery using and to increase their autonomy up to 2.5 years. The operating range (detector-control unit distance) can arrive up to 150m in open field, allowing the installation freedom.
  • Type Double techology wireless detector with multifocal le
    Use Indoor/Outdoor
    Compatible control units Villeggio 5.0 version or above, HELIOS, ETR G2, NET, PREGIO, TITANIA and compatibles
    Operating range Up to 150m in open field
    Range 4-8m adjsutable
    MW section 24GHz planar antenna,
    MW filters MW digital filter against noise for neon lamps
    MW integration Fixed integrtation with 2 pulses
    TX frequency 24.125 GHz
    MW coverage 80° on horizontal plane, 32° on vertical plane
    IR digital sensor IR lens with white light protection, temperature compensation on digital PIR
    Lens Multifocal lens
    IR sensitivity zones 18 zones arranged on 4 floors
    IR coverage area Volumetric with 81° opening
    Dipswitch V or H protocol, sensitivity, range, inibition, LEDs
    • Digital transmissions on frequencies for LPD devices
    • Sophisticated control circuit of MW section with signal activation and elaboration from IR section.
    • Sophisticated control of internal battery charge status, any anomaly is appended to the first useful transmission
    Code Encoding with transmission code stored in the factory, valid code on a base of 2 bilion combinations
    Autonomy 2 years with HELIOS protocol, 2.5 years with Villeggio protocol (20 transmissions/day and 1 transmission for supervision/26 min. 5 min inhibition time)
    Tamper Tamper: protection against housing opening
    LED 2 LEDs (green and blue)
    Operating temperature -10 / +55°C, 93% U.R.
    IP class IP55
    Dimensions and weight W 39 x H 155 x D 44 mm, 140 g (with battery and without accessories)
    Power consumption @ 7,2V 33 µA idle mode, 16 mA alarm mode
    Power supply Lithium battery DC7.2V, 2.4Ah (2ER14505)
    Compliance Compliant with EN 50131-5-3:2008 grade 1 and EN 50131-2-4:2008 grade 1, environmental class III
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      Brochure dei sensori compatti a doppia tecnologia da esterno GRIFOX e STRIXO

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      Brochure of GRIFOX and STRIXO double technology outdoor detectors

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    • RWRDTMP01400
      Sensore wireless doppia tecnologia 8mt multifocale interno/esterno

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