The e-Vision IP products are the ideal solution for complex situations, where high levels of detail are needed or where dimensional limits can not be afforded. The product range is focused on providing the best investment/performance ratio and on highly evolved functions.

Bullet shooting systems

Compact cameras with built-in IR illuminators, they offer different lens (with models with integrate motorized p-iris lens) and for sensor, up to 3 megapixel.

Dome shooting systems

They are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation (with anti-proof housing) thanks to the adjustable lens to choose the best framing. The models have different sensor and lens, with integrated p-iris motorized lens versions.

Speed dome shooting systems

The range is divided into IP, megapixel and megapixel fisheye proposals, with different models for optical zoom (from 18x to 36x) and for functionality, allowing 360° coverage and high-power zoom lens.

Thermal cameras

The e-Vision thermal cameras are suitable for several high-profile applications. Their features and performances indeed guarantee the achievement of the highest security level in extremely complex contexts (e.g. industrial facilities, harbours, airports) or in extremely harsh environmental and climate situations (darkness, heavy rains, fog).

Box shooting system

The wide range includes different models for resolution with HD or Full HD standard, up to 3 megapixel sensors, with integrated motorized p-iris lens and with integrated video analysis algorithms.

Shooting systems accessories

Video servers that allow to take advantage of AI analytics on devices that do not natively feature them

Shooting systems accessories

Power supplies, microphones and other accessories.

IP videorecorder

The wide range is divided into different models for number of channels, functionalities and recording performance, presence or absence of the integrated on board switch.

Analogic/IP videorecorder

The hybrid solutions are differentiated by the number of inputs, functionalities and recording performance.

Videorecorders accessories

Hard-Disk, remote controls, brackets for rack-mounting, storage expansion units and other accessories.

Cases and brackets for shooting systems

Cases, brackets and other accessories for cameras installation on wall, ceiling, corner and pole. This includes models with PoE+ power supply.


Switches are fundamental elements in the creation of network systems.

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