Thermal cameras

The e-Vision thermal cameras are suitable for several high-profile applications. Their features and performances indeed guarantee the achievement of the highest security level in extremely complex contexts (e.g. industrial facilities, harbours, airports) or in extremely harsh environmental and climate situations (darkness, heavy rains, fog).


Thermographic Camera, 18mm lens, 384x288


TT9384 is an IP thermal camera with 384 × 288 pixel and 9 mm lens (61,1° × 45,9° visual angle). It is equipped with an uncooled FPA sensor and a lens with stiff athermic waterproof carbon film. It is provides accurate and precise images, thanks to very high NETD values (lower than 100 mK, i.e. 0,1 °C) and implements on-board analytics: Fire Detection, Motion, Line crossing, Intrusion, Network anomalies (disconnection and IP conflict).

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