Control devices

They have the fundamental role of interface between the user and the control unit, enabling the interoperability of the same, with ease of use and intuitiveness. In the category there are keyboards, key points, inserters.

Proximity user keys

Small and colored, they adapt perfectly themselves to any keychain. It is available the version with built-in LED.


The wide range offer latest technological concept, such as touch screen keypad and traditional compact models with plastic housing and backlit LCD display.

Remote controls

Remote control to command the control unit: insertion, disarm, partialization and other applications.


Key points to do the connection, disconnection and partialization operations of the control unit directly from the entry gates.


Additional indicators in order to signal with greater immediacy and clarity the system status.

Key locks

Electronic keys with keyboard or lock.


Allow to adapt the inserters to the plaques most popular in the market.

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